Pipyr Pottery



Handmade ceramic bell created in my studio. 🙂 I forgot the ruler pics! The bell (without the bottom hanging piece) is about 5.25″ tall and about 4.5″ wide at the base. This bell is intended to be hung inside the home. you can ring it by swinging gently or by grasping the ring and ringing by hand. These look wonderful hanging against a wall, in a corner, over a table that needs some interest, between windows, suspended from the ceiling, or anywhere else you can think of! They can be hung as individuals or in groupings! I think they would make a beautiful holiday gift that can be enjoyed year-round. You might not want to part with it once you have it though 😀 Shipping will be invoiced separately when your box is packed! Boxes can be held to combine shipping with a future sale. Just send an email to pipyrart@gmail.com and let me know you’d like to hold an open box! **Any plants(or birds) pictured are not included – just for display <3 **

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