Pipyr Pottery



Handmade ceramic plant pot created in my studio. 😀 This month’s batch is comprised entirely of alt-fired pots. You will see two raku techniques; white crackle raku and obvara. This is an obvara piece. It is created by heating the pot to approximately 1650 F in a gas kiln that I designed and constructed myself. The pot is then removed while it is at peak temperature and plunged into a special solution to create the toasty, gritty, or dendritic effects. It is immediately quenched in plain water to freeze the effect. This is a very old technique and is like magic to witness. It is very tricky and can be unpredictable as so many factors affect the final outcome. Many things can (and do!) go wrong during this process, so each successful piece is a small victory and utterly unique. I hope you enjoy these works! Shipping will be invoiced separately when your box is packed! If you would prefer to hold you box open for next month’s sale, please send an email to pipyrart@gmail.com 🙂

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