Pipyr Pottery



**Plant not included!** **I have a very special sealer coming from overseas for these saggar pots. I just discovered it and it is being shipped express to me! If you purchase this pot, please allow me to hold it until the sealer arrives so it can have the very best permanent sealant treatment before going out in the world! <3** Handmade ceramic plant pot created in my studio. 🙂 Please see photos with rulers for size in inches. This piece is saggar fired. This is an alternative firing process where the pot is wrapped with various colorants, salts, and combustibles to create organic and atmospheric finishes. I’m very excited to explore and share this process! Shipping will be invoiced separately when your box is packed! Boxes can be held to combine shipping with a future sale. Just send an email to pipyrart@gmail.com and let me know you’d like to hold an open box!

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