About the Process

Each of my pots is made by hand. I throw the base on a wheel and then alter it, adding layers of slip and clay to create the final piece. I love making plant pots because they walk the line between sculpture and functional object. I have space to explore and innovate. Bud vases and decoartive bowls also allow for that same freedom, so they pop up in my work also.


I make my own glazes. I usually start with a tried-and-true recpie and then alter it by changing the colorants used or adjusting the ingredients to create the look I want. I love that I am able to have so much say in this part of the process, even if the glazes get the final word!


I see each pot or vase as a unique work of art and opportunity to explore. Each piece is important to me and receives attention and care regardless of size. I hope each one is heirloom-worthy and will bring you joy for years to come!